DAP education is Developmentally Appropriate Practice, short for DAP. DAP and Montessori education,
Waldorf education as well as Ferro bell education are called “The world's four major preschool education concept”.

They refer to the education satisfying infants and kids from 0-8 years old. They will consider kids’
age group characteristics and their personal characteristics,
help kids try their best to challenge the next likely achieved goals,
and consider the social and cultural environment which the kids live in.

The teachers will create study environment and design courses which are suitable for kids’
development, provide teaching which can promote kids’ development, and observe kids’
development situation in time to build proper two-way communication relationships with kids’
family to promote their development.

We hope to provide “Love and Freedom” and make kids here reap: love,
independence and courage, confidence and doughtiness as well as sunshine and optimism;
make them obtain imagination and creation;and make them acquire clearly and
quickly logical thinking ability…

  • 1we adopt the German design concept of kids family which will pervade home feeling in whole garden
  • 2Youbei picture books library has thousands of books covering reading sphere which is for kids from 2-6 years old.
  • 3German Haba logical thinking pavilion introduces the German hundred years education brand and
    it tries to awaken children’s logical thinking in playing games.
  • 4Happy Cook-professional kid kitchen Children will cook by themselves and enjoy cooking at the same time.
  • 5small-class teaching with 10-15 students can provide the real personalized guide.
  • 6Professional Chinese and foreign teachers.

Assort in functional zone(1500㎡-Only for 60 kids)

Indoor functional zone(700㎡)

acting area
“Happy cook”
kid kitchen
“my world”
role experience area
German Haba logical
thinking pavilion
building area
Depend “youbei
picture books library”
“A little Picasso”
art area
Kids home

Outdoor functional zone(800㎡)